The Trip

What follows is synopsis of my trials and tribulations trying to live in a strange country. This edition and following editions will cover an interesting variety of humorous incidents, bureaucratic tangles, local customs and celebrations.

I have set myself the ambitious task of living in Cuba for 1 year with all its limitations to understand the mood and spirit of the people . To accomplish this I am living as much as possible in peoples homes. I have exported my BMW motorcycle to Cuba for this time period for transportation and touring purposes.

I am a 58 year old retiree who took a golden handshake from my employer, INCO Ltd. in Port Colborne 2 years ago. I am a life member of the Welland County Motorcycle Club. Motorcycles have been my lifelong hobby. I have toured Canada from coast to coast, the northern US and Europe all by motorcycle.

My goals will be to educate your readers while I entertain them. To provide a little adventure to those who are unable, for whatever reason, to travel as I have. I once was part of the read and dream gallery for many years.